includes teaching fees, course material and organic lunch 

This course is the perfect getaway introduction into permaculture. 

You will get a first approach and basic understanding of concepts, ethics and principles of permaculture and learn how to apply them to your particular site and project.  

This 1 Day course will take place in the heart of The Green Mango Permaculture farm and education center in Luang Prabang, Laos PDR  

The course fee includes teaching, course hand-out and online material, site visit, collaborative and participative workshops & a delicious Laos organic lunch. 

Students will be rewarded with a "PERMACULTURE BASICS" certificate by Ecoasia, delivered by a PRI Australia (Permaculture Research Institute of Australia) certified international project manager. 


Includes teaching fees, course material, organic lunch, breakfast and diner 




(Accommodation not included)

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This course includes the first day of permaculture basics (see above). 

In addition you will get some inside into sustainable design processes, landscape reading and get personal support from our teachers to kickstart your project.   

The morning (usually at 6.30) you may join us for a half an hour morning yoga session followed by a practical activity on the farm (animal feeding, compost, planting etc..) 


This 2 Day course will take place in the heart of The

Green Mango Permaculture farm and education center in Luang Prabang, Laos PDR.  

The course fee includes teaching, course hand-out and online material, site analysis, collaborative and participative workshops.


All food costs included (breakfast, lunch, diner). 

Students will be rewarded with a 2 Day PERMACULTURE INTENSIVE certificate by Ecoasia, delivered by a PRI Australia (Permaculture Research Institute of Australia) certified international project manager. 

This course is the perfect introduction before driving deeper into a permaculture lifestyle and career. 


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490$  includes teaching fees, course material and total food costs

(Accommodation not included)

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The Permaculture Designer’s Certificate course is a 72 hour intensive program of tutorials supported by practical lectures, exercises, collaborative work, photos, field work and videos.


It gives you all the tools and the right mindset to approach a permaculture career as a primary producer, teacher, designer or consultant. 


Module 1: Introduction to Permaculture 

Module 2: Concepts & Themes in Design 

Module 3: Methods of Design 

Module 4: Pattern Understanding 

Module 5: Climatic Factors 

Module 6: Trees

Module 7: Water 

Module 8: Soils 

Module 9: Earth Working & Earth Resources 

Module 10: Humid Tropics 

Module 11: Dry land Strategies

Module 12: Humid Cool to Cold Climates 

Module 13: Aquaculture 

Module 14: Strategies of an Alternative Global Nation 

Final Design Exercise

Q&A (feedback loop) after each day:

Course Objectives

• To develop a global approach to permaculture design thinking

• To understand and practice permaculture in a wide range of climatic zones (temperate climate, drylands, humid tropics)

• To develop digital design skills for consultancy work

• To reach the professional skills of permaculture teachers and project managers

• To help students to improve their skills and build up their confidence in using the skills 

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Plan and implement a permaculture system for yourself

  • Assist in designing systems for others

  • Incorporate relevant permaculture principles and methods into existing systems (home, office, industry, reforestation sites)

  • Assess systems for sustainability

  • Start research in your particular field and assess your education needs

  • Develop individual high end competencies in specific action fields of permaculture (land and nature, building, tools and technology, education, health, finance & economics, community governance)

  • Building up your action and education plan to succeed in a career related to permaculture and your individual field of activity

  • Being part of the ECOASIA professional social network to increase your chances to participate in key projects to gain experience and mentorship

On successful completion of the course, graduates are accredited by a Permaculture Design Certificate delivered by a PRI (Permaculture Research Institute of Australia) certified International project manager and ECOASIA certified Permaculture Teacher.

After the PDC

After two years of applied work, graduates may apply for a Diploma of Applied Design. This can also be conferred through another permaculture institution. Diplomas have been awarded by peer review upon a presentation to other PDC graduates.

Higher degrees in Permaculture studies may be pursued at various institutions in Australia, US, Asia, Europe. 

Traditionally, it is not necessary to do any more than the design course in order to use the term PERMACULTURE in your activities/business.  The design course should enable you to have a thorough understanding of Permaculture, to do consulting and be able to teach others.


However we advice to practice minimum 2-5 years in permaculture related projects to get the necessary professional experience. Please be aware that your decisions as a permaculture consultant and designer may have a huge impact on landscapes, people and structures. This is particular true in aid projects and large scale eco-restoration work. 


Therefore solid on the ground skills and mentorship are necessary tools to succeed in your sustainable business or activities in responsibility .       

Course Structure

• 10 day course (min. 72 hours hours incl. lectures, workshops and hands-on activities, tours)

• Price 490$

 ​​​​What you will get out of it:

A 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

  • A grounding in all aspects of permaculture

  • Hands-on experience by training at the Green Mango Permaculture Farm and Holiday Parc

  • The experience of living, eating, working and having fun with the Eco Asia community!

  • Project and network support

  • Online library 

About the Eco Asia Farm & Holiday Parc

The Green Mango Farm & Holiday Parc is a community based  farm project that serves as a demonstration and education site in Luang Prabang, Laos. It is part of the Eco Asia project network.  

Farm stay Accommodation

During the course, depending the number of participants you can be hosted at our farm stay dormitory (limited places available), private rooms (limited places) or camping area. There is also nearby guesthouses. 

Common showers and flush toilet. 

The cost of food (breakfast, lunch, diner, morning and afternoon tea) is included in the course cost.


Accommodation is not included. To check out our accommodation options please click here 

Wi-fi is available at the farm stay at limited conditions. 

Meet our facilitators 

The course will be facilitated at the Eco Asia Farm & holiday Parc in Luang Prabang, Laos.

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Green Mango Farm 

Permaculture Education Center

Pongvane Village